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Innovalley Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based innovation company. Inspired by the creative energy of our cities, Barcelona and San Francisco, the passion for design and an intense desire to innovate, we started this factory of real ideas: the ones that dare to grow up and to become smart, beautifulsustainable and happy products.

Our goal is to make technology meet the fields of apparel and fashion. We believe that through user friendly experiences and exceptional wearable designs the usefulness of our everyday items will increase significantly.

Innovalley is a young company, built by professionals with many years of experience creating new concepts, developing innovative products and providing unique customer experiences. In addition to our entrepreneurial background and passion, Innovalley is the result of the merge of 4 strategic partners: Blinds consulting (Engineering company), Haiku (Creative studio), Cetemmsa (Technological center) and Cooked in Barcelona (Clothing brand).

Together with our 4 partners Innovalley has the capacity to develop customized solutions for clothing brands. All the software needed in the creation of the product is developed in-house by the Innovalley Interactive division.

We want to drive innovation in to the fashion sector by co-developing revolutionary products with large apparel and footwear brands. We believe that our ideas will help them grow, enter new markets and gain competitive advantage.

Let’s keep on innovating!