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About us
AFAEMME is an Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen composed by a total of twenty-three Associations Members located throughout all Mediterranean from Spain to Syria, passing through Morocco, Algeria, France, Italy, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.We are a Platform of International Projects financed by International Institutions like the European Commission. For an optimal development of the projects we count on the collaboration of other Associations of Businesswomen and Gender Equality to foster the enterprise and economic objectives. We also organize seminaries, workshops and European conferences.Our key qualifications are:

  • European and Mediterranean Study & Investigation Center on Gender Equality and Business Issues
  • Coordinator of international projects funded by International institutions
  • European networking in investigation projects including the approach of multicultural dimensions
  • Organizations of technical workshops, seminars and large scale European Conference
  • European and Mediterranean Lobby Organization